September 29, 2015

CSET Score

The California Subject Test for Teachers (CSET) is used to measure basic skills proficiency as part of the process to earn a teaching credential in the state of California, and one way to earn such a credential requires passing the CBEST—for an explanation of this credential’s requirements, see information elsewhere on this website. After passing the CBEST, you would take and pass one subtest of the CSET and receive a CSET score for your subject matter specialty.
Another way to meet the basic skills requirement involves taking three subtests of the CSET. For this route to credentialing, you should take one subtest for your single subject specialty, and then you should take the CSET: Multiple Subjects and the CSET: Writing Skills. The CSET: Multiple Subjects and the CSET: Writing Skills would replace the requirement to take the CBEST.

Each subtest test takes five hours to complete, and you must earn a score of 220 out of 300 to pass. Each subtest costs $99. You can find more information regarding fees for the CSET and receiving a CSET score at the following web address: You should register for the CSET online, but in the case of an emergency or to register late, you may register by phone.

Many different CSET subtests exist. You can find information regarding format of the specific CSET subtest you plan to take at the following web address:

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