September 30, 2015

HSPT Score

Your performance on the High School Placement Test (HSPT) determines your HSPT score. The Scholastic Testing Service Inc. (SCS) publishes the High School Placement Test (HSPT), and high schools nationwide administer it. This test serves as a placement test for eighth graders going into ninth grade. Taking the HSPT helps schools with admissions, curriculum placement, and scholarships.

  • The HSPT score is designed to report students’ verbal and quantitative skills, as well as their knowledge of subject matter in mathematics, reading, and language.
  • Tests also are available in science, mechanical aptitude, and Catholic religion.
  • Each school elects the kind of testing they wish to administer, as well as the forms they use. The SCS publishes the test in two forms, the open form and the closed form. These tests’ primary difference involves their methods of scoring. The SCS scores closed tests, while open tests are scored at the schools themselves using a step-by-step kit provided by SCS. A new version of closed tests is created each year, the open tests are the former closed tests.Just as the individual school elects test content and form, each school also chooses the manner of test score distribution. Some schools may elect not to have test results sent home to parents. The HSPT is given once a year, and each student should only take the HSPT one time.

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