September 30, 2015

MAT Score

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is helpful for those persons seeking admission into graduate school. Furthermore, this intense mental-ability test focuses on the ability to solve analogies. Performance on analogies measures of one’s ability to analyze and one’s verbal comprehension. The MAT is considered a good predictor of how well a student will succeed in graduate level coursework.

The test takes sixty minutes to complete, and it is administered at testing centers in many locations. Two formats, paper-based and computer-based, exist for this test, and the fee for the MAT varies from testing center to testing center. You should contact the testing center nearest you to apply. You can find locations for testing centers online at the following web address:
Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Information

Your MAT score includes a scaled score as well as a percentile based on your raw score (the number of test items you answered correctly). Scaled scores range from 200 to 600. MAT scores are not evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Instead, you should consult the graduate school you wish to attend in order to determine if they will accept your MAT score.

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