September 30, 2015

Praxis Score

The Educational Testing Service administers Praxis tests. These tests measure the skills and knowledge exhibited by candidates for teaching jobs.

  • The Praxis Core evaluates basic reading, math, and writing skills. The Praxis Core score helps determine whether a person should gain entry into a teacher education program.
  • The Praxis II series tests involve assessments for skills one needs to teach a specific subject matter. There are over 120 different Praxis II tests.
There is not a universally accepted passing Praxis score; rather, each state and licensing group establishes a passing Praxis score for each test as it sees fit. The tests consist of multiple-choice questions and constructed response questions, and each test is different. Since incorrect answers are not penalized, you should answer every item on any Praxis test. For information regarding passing Praxis in your state, consult the following website:

The cost of the Praxis tests also varies depending on the test. For more information regarding cost or any other details, consult the following weblink:

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